COVID-19 Vaccine PSAs

With financing from the Construction Advocacy Fund, AGC of America created a series of coronavirus vaccine public service announcements for the construction industry. These videos are based on the idea that construction workers are more likely to listen to their peers than anybody else.

The series features construction workers urging other construction workers to get vaccinated. Some of the people featured in the videos refused to get vaccinated, contracted the virus, and almost died. One almost lost a son to the coronavirus. And two are mentors and instructors in the industry who wanted to use these videos to urge their colleagues to get the shot.

The people featured in these public service ads were all eager to share their message with their peers in the construction industry. They have seen, first-hand, what this virus can do and appreciate that it is not like a simple flu. We hope you will help them share their stories, by watching these videos, sharing them with your networks, and encouraging your workers to watch them. Together, we can literally save lives.

You can find all the videos in the series on AGC of America’s YouTube page. The longer versions of each video are also up on AGC’s COVID Vaccine Toolkit page. This toolkit includes many other resources with information about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines.

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November 2021


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