President Signs Workforce Executive Order

AGC Participates in White House Event to Sign Job Training Pledge On July 19, the President signed an Executive Order that establishes the President’s National Council for the America Worker. The council will help develop a national strategy for job training programs with guidance from an advisory board of private sector and government representatives to

AGC Urges Congress to Oppose Legislation that would Limit Employer and Employee Rights

In recent weeks a group of Democrats have introduced the so-called Workplace Democracy Act (WDA), which radically changes labor law’s in the country. The bill not only restores the “card check” proposal from previous congresses that eliminates the right to secret ballots in union representation elections, but goes even further by expanding joint employer standards, restricting traditional

AGC Urges NLRB to Reconsider “Quickie” Election Rule

On April 18, AGC submitted its response to the National Labor Relations Board’s Request for Information regarding representation-case procedures.  AGC also joined a response submitted by the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW).  Both responses call on the Board to rescind or modify its 2014 rule that changed the procedures for union representation elections.  The rule is often called the “quickie”

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