A Track Record of Success

Since its inception, the Construction Advocacy Fund has helped AGC of America rack up an impressive list of results. Most recently, the Fund financed advocacy campaigns to push for tax reform and infrastructure investment reaching hundreds of thousands of social media users.

While other industry trade groups chose to endorse early versions of the tax bill that would have done little to nothing to help the construction industry, AGC organized a rigorous lobbying effort that helped lower rates for passthroughs, such as S-corps, limited liability corporations and partnerships; eliminated Private Activity Bonds, essential to the financing of transportation infrastructure, low-income housing and other public construction and public- private partnership projects; and repealed the Historic Tax Credit, critical to the private construction market for the rehabilitation and renovation of historic buildings.

With the release of the White House’s new infrastructure plan, AGC is ramping up its efforts again to push for improved infrastructure funding. In addition to working with other industry groups and coalitions, AGC launched its own social media campaign, Americans for Better Infrastructure. The campaign has so far connected with over 18,000 supporters in 12 key states – the home for 12 Senators who will be vital to getting an infrastructure bill passed. AGC also made a five-day push to get as many members and supporters to push the president to make infrastructure a top priority. The effort resulted in over 15,000 Tweets getting sent to the president urging him to keep his infrastructure promise. To complement the digital efforts, AGC has hosted media events in key areas to raise public awareness and strategically push state and federal legislators to increase funding for infrastructure.

Past successes helpful to the industry include:

  • Fought for a new, long-term highway and transit bill
  • Secured new federal funding for vital water infrastructure projects including waterways, locks and dams, coastal restoration and port facilities
  • Successfully fought off efforts to impose federally-mandated project labor agreements on over 60 federal projects, a near perfect record during the Obama Administration