Help Shape the Future of the Construction Industry.

How We Make a Difference

The Construction Advocacy Fund engages in the following activities to protect and advance the industry on behalf of AGC of America’s more than 27,000 general contractors, specialty-contracting firms, service providers, and suppliers.


Having the right data helps AGC make the case for vital legislative measures, and against unneeded and costly regulations.

But getting good member and public data and reliable research costs money. The Fund helps us get the job done.


A top-notch team of government relations professionals actively lobbied key decision makers on behalf of AGC member firms.

Whether it is meeting with legislators or administration officials, AGC promotes policies that result in a more favorable business environment for its members.


Ready to fight any law, rule, or precedent with national impact that threatens AGC member firms and the construction industry.

The courts have the power to damage or improve the national business climate just as much and sometimes more than elected officials and executive agencies.


Providing AGC with the resources needed to hold successful media events and place ad buys to advance our goals.

Influencing key decisions makers, like members of Congress, often times means first cultivating public support for an issue…and that costs money.

What AGC Leaders Say

“While other associations are narrow in focus and limited in scope, AGC is the only association with the expertise to represent the interests of the entire construction industry. On most issues, if AGC doesn’t do it, it doesn’t get done! But it’s expensive to research the facts, to lobby, to litigate, and to educate the general public. This is where the Fund steps in to finance critical efforts to expand construction markets, fight regulatory overreach, and promote the industry.”


“The Fund is the AGC’s most effective tool to advocate for our industry’s interests at the federal and state levels. It allows AGC to finance efforts to expand markets for contractors through research and lobbying, protect the industry from regulatory overreach through litigation, and advocate for our industry by financing critical advocacy campaigns that influence policy decisions.”


Explore Our Recent Work

The Fund has a track record of success as it helps AGC rack up an impressive list of advocacy results. Most recently, it financed campaigns in support of workforce development, tax reform, and infrastructure investment reaching hundreds of thousands of construction professionals and social media users.

Building a Strong Advocacy Foundation

The Fund is working hard to protect and advance the construction industry on behalf of the more than 27,000 AGC member firms.

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